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What is Fusion Belly Dance? 

Fusion Belly Dance is a modern Western form of dance created by fusing American Tribal Style belly dance with Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, Samba, African, and much more. There is no limit to the influences that can be brought into Fusion. Artists from around the world incorporate elements like Popping, Hip Hop, 'Egyptian' or 'Cabaret' belly dance, as well as movement principles from traditional forms such as Flamenco, Kathak, Odissi, and other folkloric and classical dance styles. 


How Audralina Got Started! 

Audralina started dancing in high school with technique classes in ballet and modern. In college, dance passionately consumed her every day. She trained in Modern, ballet, Salsa, Hip hop, African, and Jazz. In 2004, Audralina found Tribal Style Belly dance, which is mostly danced within a group. She fell in love with the costumes, the celebration, and the internal precision of belly dance.


Now in 2019......

 Audralina’s Fusion belly dance style consist of fusion belly dance integrated with modern, samba, waving, popping, and tutting. Within her choreography there is a message to the audience, a message of passion, inspiration, and a sense of devotion to such a powerful form of expression. 



Audralina offers classes and private lessons.


--Beginning Fusion Belly Dance Class. $13 per class or $90 for 8 week session


This is a beginning fusion belly dance class that will incorporate body awareness through space. You will learn the basic posturing, technique, and style of fusion belly dance. Most importantly you will feel the beautiful grace within you and the love you have for your body! 


--Intermediate Fusion Belly Dance Class Starts. $13 per class or $90 for 8 week session


This will be an intermediate fusion belly dance class that will incorporate an awesome workout while encouraging technique and embracing the performer in you! We will work on posture, technique, and performance through stretching, drills, isolations, choreography, and strength training. 


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